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10 Reasons Why Instagram Influencers Need A Blog

If you’ve been wondering about blogging and how it can benefit your career as an Instagram Influencer, you’re reading the right post. There are plenty of influencers today who don’t really see the value in blogging. Although putting content out on Instagram is worthwhile, think about owning a blog as an expansion. If you’re not convinced yet, here’s everything you may want to know about owning a blog. 

What is an Instagram Influencer?

Let’s first learn the basic terms starting with an Instagram Influencer. Anyone who uses Instagram is an Instagrammer. However, not everyone on the platform can be called an Instagram Influencer without building credibility and a following.

For example, if your passion is food and you always post about new restaurants in your city, you can be called an Instagram Influencer if people follow you because of the content you’re posting.

Let’s remember the keyword, which is “Influence.” Based on our earlier example of posting about local food places, you become an influencer if people actually want to visit and dine at the places you feature. In other words, through your content, you are influencing other people to make a decision.

What is a blog?

A blog, on the other hand, is a website for, mostly, written content. It’s updated regularly by an individual or a small group of people. Unlike other websites, the tone of writing used in blogs is conversational.

In most cases, bloggers write about their personal experiences, thus the tone of the content. However, in recent years, blogging can involve putting out professional-sounding content based on well-researched facts.

10 reasons why instagram influencers need a blog

Blogging VS Posting on Instagram

So what’s the difference between both? For one, blogging focuses on writing, while on Instagram, the main focus is posting visually engaging video and image content. Though there is a space for an Instagrammer to put in text or a caption, it takes a back seat to captivating graphics.

So, which platform is better in the long run? Here’s a breakdown of their differences:

Blogging Posting on Instagram
Cost Requires a domain name and hosting. Free
Technical Skills Needed Intermediate Technical Skills No Technical Skills Needed
Resources and Tools Needed Setup Instructions, Theme Instructions, Plugins Camera, Editing Tools
Followers Needed 2000 followers is a good start 1000 followers is a good start
Income Streams Ads Spaces, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts
SEO High Low

From the comparison, the best option is blogging. It will require monetary investments for an influencer to start a blog, but it will be worth it in the long run, especially since blogging presents more income streams. There’s also a bit of a learning curve to overcome when setting a blog up. However, once everything is running, the influencer’s reach and credibility will improve.

Benefits of a Blog for Influencers

Other benefits of owning and maintaining a blog are as follows:

1. Trust from Followers

People perceive an influencer differently when that influencer has a blog site. Having various social accounts is great but having a blog reinforces legitimacy and trustworthiness. It shows that you are serious about creating and putting out content.

2. More Ways to Monetize

As shown in the comparison table above, you’ll have income streams that won’t be available if you stick to building your social following. Other not mentioned in the comparison are:

  • Sell your blogging skills (host a seminar or workshop)
  • Speak at events
  • Teach people how to set-up their own website
  • Post Paid Features
  • And so much more…

3. Ownership

You have ownership over your blog site, from the domain name to the content and photos. As long as you maintain your website and pay your yearly dues for your domain and hosting, the content you put out will be on the internet for audiences to read.

What if Instagram went away tomorrow?

and it took all of your conent with it!!!

4. Credibility from Brands

Naturally, brands will want to work with you if you consistently put quality content on your blog and social accounts. The amount of effort you’re putting in will show through, and it will say a lot about the kind of influencer you are.

5. Blogging is ‘Real Business’ with Tax Deductions

Yes, blogging is a real business with tax deductions. Many people don’t know this, but bloggers can take advantage of deductions such as writing conferences and seminars, office supplies, and even gas or mileage.

6. More Exposure

If you’re familiar with SEO, then you might have already figured out that blogging can grant an influencer more exposure through search engines like Yahoo or Google. When an Instagram post is made, it won’t be searchable through search engines. However, if you have a well-written blog post and are SEO-ready, it may appear on the top search result, granting the influencer more exposure.

7. Improve Your Writing

Blogging is hard work. You will be the one to write, edit, and format your posts. The upside to this is that you can drastically improve your writing. After some years of blogging, writing content will feel like second nature to you.

8. Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is timeless content. If you publish this kind of content, you will consistently get traffic on your blog, even if it’s been five years since you’ve published the post.

9. Start and Grow Your Email List

There are so many features available to you when you have a blog. One is the ability to capture the email of your readers. Blogs have plugins that you can easily install. There are plugins called opt-in forms, which allow you to gather information about those who may want to follow your blog. You can, then, use the information you’ve gathered to share exclusive content to your followers or drive engagement up by sending them a monthly newsletter.

10. More Opportunities to Expand Your Network

Networking is one of the keys to success as an influencer. You have to know the right people because when you do, more opportunities will open. For example, if you are invited to a speaking engagement as a professional blogger, you can meet new people and make new professional contacts.

There are so many more advantages for an Instagram Influencer to get their own blog. You’ll have to learn how to buy a domain and hosting, and how to set up a website and install a theme, but once that’s all done, you’ll find that blogging for an Instagram Influencer is more rewarding. Consider getting your own blog today.

10 Reasons Why Instagram Influencers Need A Blog

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