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Ever wondered why success comes easily to some entrepreneurs more than others? Here is a list of 20 Successful Traits for New Entrepreneurs.

Examining the life of successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and the rest can be very inspiring. However, most of us don’t realize that they worked day and night to get to where they are now. You may have a different definition of success, but all successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common. Even when they were still new entrepreneurs, they possessed and developed traits that allowed them to win and then keep winning.

What traits are these? More importantly, as a new entrepreneur looking to establish a successful start-up, how many of these characteristics do you already have or need to learn?

20 Successful Traits for New Entrepreneurs

20 Successful Traits for New Entrepreneurs | maven k society

1. Vision and Passion

Vision and passion go together. Most entrepreneurs already have a clear image of their business, although it may not seem like it during the early stages. It will take passion for turning the vision into reality, so that’s why one cannot go without the other. It’s the combination of both traits that will lead to success.

2. Can Learn Dynamically

Being open to learning is something that new entrepreneurs ought to embrace. Learning doesn’t stop with the basics. It should be progressive and dynamic. Also, business owners must learn from their mistakes – a hard pill to swallow but a requirement for a business that adapts to changes and thrives.

3. Takes Risks

If you want to fulfill your goals, you must accept that risk-taking is part of the game. New business owners always presume that taking risks is the same as making rash decisions. On the contrary, risk-taking in business is well-thought-of and involves a lot of hard work. It isn’t just about luck. No entrepreneur became successful by playing it safe.

4. Perseveres

Keep going – that’s the simplest way to explain perseverance. One shouldn’t just give up at the first sign of difficulty. Keep pushing forward, and don’t stop until you have reached your target.

5. Flexible

There will be plenty of twists and turns for a start-up business. Through careful planning was done in the beginning, there’s no set path for a new entrepreneur to walk on to know how to run a business correctly. Good entrepreneurship should involve being flexible and adapting to changes.

6. Willing to Put in the Work

Your start-up will not run itself. It needs to be run by someone willing to put in extra hours to make things work. What do you think Bill Gates’s schedule is like? Yours may not be similar, but certainly, you will need to put in a good amount of your time to keep your business going and growing.

7. Confident

A confident entrepreneur believes in their abilities. Self-efficacy comes into play, as well as the willingness to take risks and make hard decisions. No matter what the outcome, the businessperson believes that they can make it work.

8. Ambitious

When you are ambitious, you are always reaching for success. You have the drive to perform and go to the next level. It’s good to have ambition because it is going to prevent your business from being stagnant. 

9. Good Leader

Interestingly, being a good leader isn’t just one trait on its own. It’s a combination of different traits like being a good communicator, recognizing the potential in your team, knowing how to handle conflict, and so much more.

10. Team Player

When you are a good leader, it also follows that you are a team player. You may have started the business, but you must remember that team effort is needed to sustain and grow it.

11. Takes Feedback and Criticism

New entrepreneurs have found it hard to take feedback or criticism because of pride. Just remember that being this way isn’t going to help your business. Not being open to improvement is going to be the downfall of your start-up.

12. Recognizes Opportunity

You have to know a good opportunity when it presents itself. You would have to be willing to make the decision and take the risk when the chance arises.

13. Accountable

Running a business is a big responsibility. You must be accountable to yourself and the people that are on your team. You have to do your part even if your business has reached the point where it is self-sustainable.

14. Willing to Ask for Help

“No man is an island,” as the saying goes. The majority of the success of your business will depend on you, but you have to take into account human error and the fact that we do not know everything. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

15. Wise with Money

A new entrepreneur should strike a balance between being frugal and being extravagant. You cannot run or expand your business when you don’t spend money. However, at the same time, you shouldn’t spend irresponsibly.

16. Self-Starter

Remember that you are your own boss. No one is going to tell you to do this or that. You have to start things yourself. Passion was mentioned earlier. Although there will be days when you don’t want to get out of bed, you have to shake off that feeling and go back to what drives you.

17. Seller Spirit

You have to sell when you are an entrepreneur. You can recognize opportunities, new clients, and possibly new products when you have the seller spirit. The seller spirit should come naturally to you. 

18. Open-Minded

You absolutely cannot grow your business if you don’t have an open mind. When you are welcoming towards new ideas, new possibilities are born.

19. Competitive

Competitiveness keeps you on your feet. It can also be a driving force that can encourage you to make improvements, develop new ideas, or even pivot your business in a more advantageous direction.

20. Decisive

Being decisive means that you are set on producing a result. Decisiveness could be difficult to express when you are a new entrepreneur. However, the more choices you make, the more confident you will make the right decisions. 

As a new entrepreneur, how many of these traits do you already have? It’s okay if you don’t have most yet because traits are developed. Not even the successful entrepreneurs we mentioned earlier were born with all of these traits. Your business should be growing as you, too, grow from a new entrepreneur to an established business person.

20 Successful Traits for New Entrepreneurs

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