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Blog Niches That Make The Most Money

One of the most important things you have to do before starting your blog is choosing your niche. How you will do it will depend on what your initial goal is. If you want your blog to be a passion project, you can go with any blog niche you wish. However, if you want to earn from your blog eventually, you have to choose one from many blog niches that can make the most money.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is basically the topic that you are going to write about. It’s also a category that you will be focusing on for your blog site. You can definitely write about anything under the sun, but choosing one from many blog niches will allow you to capture readers that find your topic relevant.

Why choose a blog niche?

Aside from capturing an audience that finds your niche useful, you can also highly benefit from choosing a blog niche in the following ways.

1. Narrows Down Your Focus

When you have already chosen a blog niche, it’s easier to focus on just that niche. On the contrary, if you’re writing about random topics on your blog, deciding what to write for the day becomes challenging it becomes harder to choose which option is the best. 

2. Determines How You Can Monetize Effectively

Once you have already established your blog, you can make money out of it in several ways – offer ad spaces, accept sponsored posts, promote affiliate links, and so on. Knowing your niche will help you identify the best way to earn from your blog. For example, if you are a real estate blogger, you can monetize your blog by offering ad spaces for top realtors or writing about a property that’s up for sale.

3. Better Reader Retention

A good way for a blogger to retain readers is to be a trusted expert on a specific niche. Let’s take the case of makeup reviews. If you have already proven that your reviews can be helpful to readers, they will surely be coming back to your blog as soon as a new trending lipstick hits the market. 

Lastly, when you’re aiming for writing long-term, you should determine the niche you would like to write about for the years to come. Your passion will likely taper down when you have not determined what niche to stick with yet. Writing anything and everything is too much work and is not sustainable.

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Blog Niches That Make The Most Money

Lifestyle Blog

Basically, you are going to write about a hobby that you’re personally interested in. It can be anything from reviewing books to teaching people how to blog or make money online. It can also be having a positive mindset.

Mommy or Kids Blog

A mommy or kid blog is very relatable. You can write about parenting and your experiences as a mom. It’s a niche for the long haul because you will be talking about what you go through as a mom from when your kids are little to grown-up. 

You can also focus on just the kids if you’re leaning towards becoming a kids blog. From the choice of school to the different educational toys, there’s a lot to cover.

Travel Blog

Everybody wants to travel hence the popularity of travel blogs. You can write guides on how to get to a certain place or country. You can also feature different things to do, go to or eat when you arrive at a specific location.

Beauty Blog

The beauty industry is a big one. There are so many Influencers and YouTubers who have earned a lot through their beauty platform. If you decide to go for this niche, you can review products or write about upcoming ones that beauty enthusiasts should watch out for.

Reviews Blog

Reviewing something is pretty common in the blogging world. In the case of the review niche, you have to make sure that you narrow down what you’re going to review. For example, if you would like to review services, then stick to that. If you want to review pet products, you have to stick to that as well.

Health Blog

Health is a well-earning niche because everyone likes to read up on information about their bodies. One main thing you have to remember about going for this niche is your information has to be accurate.

Mental Health Blog

In recent years, the mental health niche has skyrocketed. Individuals are becoming more aware of their mental health and well-being. You can write about topics that focus on how to maintain a good mental health state.

Fitness Blog

The fitness niche can cover so many topics. You can write about what exercise works best for you – running, yoga, boxing, etc. You can also cover the different kinds of equipment used when doing these exercises.

Business Blog

In most cases, business blogs contain advice. For example, you can write about how to start a business and how to run it. There are plenty of topics to cover when you have headed in this direction. On the other hand, you can also talk about what one can advance in their career.

Craft Blog

A craft blog can also be referred to as a DIY blog. Crafting can be making DIY decorations for Halloween, tote bags, or your own clothes. It can also be upcycling different objects around the house.

Food Blog

Food blogs cover a slew of topics, from recipes to talking about the nutritional value of ingredients. You can even feature different menu items from restaurants local to you.

Fashion Blog

Most fashion blogs are centered on inspiration and the personal style of the blogger. For example, you can show readers how to find unique items from a thrift shop to put an outfit together. Fashion isn’t just about clothes. It could be what’s trending too. 

Homeschooling or Teacher Blog

If you’re into homeschooling, then you can go for this niche. You can write about personal experiences and even homeschool setups. It’s very similar to when you are going to blog about teaching. You can also include materials and techniques into the mix.

Religious Blog

The content of a religious blog can be anything from your struggles to your prayers. It can also be religious holidays and informative posts about what each holiday can mean. You can create a membership or get sponsorship from these types of blogs.

Budgeting and Frugal Living Blog

Budgeting is an essential part of daily life. On your blog, you can focus on helping people how to save money – couponing, sales, online deals, saving on the light bill, and so much more.

Home Decor Blog

A home decor blog is great to show your creativity in interior design. The main idea is to discuss different ways to make the home look a certain way – dynamic, minimalist, colorful, all-white – whatever your preference is.

Real Estate Blog

Real-state blogging is highly profitable, depending on what topics you write about. If you focus on featuring different houses for sale, you can earn a commission when a house is sold. On the other hand, you can share tips about creating value with a fixer-upper house, or you can talk about different real estate trends in your state.

Whichever niche you decide to go for, make sure that you stick with it and be consistent. Blogging is a long-term endeavor, so, as mentioned, you have to write about something close to your heart or at least interesting enough to sustain your drive to blog.

Blog Niches That Make The Most Money

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