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Facebook Page VS Facebook Group 

Did you know that there are about 2.89 billion active users per month on Facebook worldwide? The number is so high that a brand, whether a big company, an organization, a small business, or an influencer, no longer has to ask if having a presence on the social platform is beneficial. Without a doubt, Facebook is a great tool for reaching potential customers and a larger pool of people.

You have to know how to do it effectively. This article will explore two “hows” that can help increase your brand reach and customer engagement: Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

Facebook page vs Facebook group

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is a non-personal profile of an artist, public figure, brand, organization, non-profit, or business. It’s designed to allow fans or followers to interact with each other and with the artist, public figure, brand, organization, non-profit, or business they follow. Updates from the page will appear on a liker or followers timeline. 

Pages are designed to connect with everyone, so, by default, the setting of the posts, videos, and updates are public – visible to anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if the person has followed or liked the page or not.

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When to use a Facebook Page?

A business or brand might want to start a Facebook Page to:

  • Run ads
  • Reach more people/customers
  • Keep customers updated
  • Have call-to-action promotions
  • Message people/customers
  • Share an offer
  • Post a job opening
  • Monetize content

What is a Facebook Group?

On the other hand, a Facebook Group is a hub where people can share information and things in common. For example, if you like pizza and want to know more about it, its different flavors, origins, where to get the best in your part of town, etc., you can search for a Pizza Lovers Group on Facebook.

Groups are like a community of people that have something in common or are interested in the same thing. Unlike Facebook Pages, groups have different privacy settings:

  • Public – anyone on or off Facebook can see who’s in the group and what they post.
  • Private – only members can see who’s in the group and what they post.

The settings can be changed depending on the preference and goal of the group’s administrator.

When to use a Facebook Group?

A business or brand might want to start a Facebook Group to:

  • Build a community
  • Provide extra value for customers
  • Create a sense of exclusiveness

How about a Facebook Profile?

Lastly, a Facebook Profile is your personal account. It contains your name, hometown, where you currently live, your interests, and so on. You have full control over who sees your posts and updates. You also choose who you want to accept as a friend. You would need a Facebook profile to be assigned to create and manage a Facebook Page or Group.

6 Reasons Why Brands Need a Facebook Page

Both the Facebook Group and Page are useful tools for brands. However, because of its marketing potential and audience reach, the Facebook Page takes the cake. When you have a Facebook Page, you can also do the following:

  • Review and Analyze Insights – Facebook gathers data about people that interact with your page and presents it to you to review.
  • Monetize Content – You will be able to earn from your content on your Facebook Page if you reach ceratin criteria or meet specific requirements.
  • Reach a Bigger Audience – Running ads and boosting posts is possible through Facebook Pages. 
  • Create Brand Awareness – You have full control over your content and ads. You can design them in a way that people will easily recall your brand. 
  • Target Audiences by Location, Demographics, Interests – When creating ads and boosting posts, you will be able to target a specific audience based on specific parameters such as age, location, and interests.
  • Build SEO – Sharing links of you content on social media extends content distribution, prolongs the lifespan of posts, and is a contributing factor for SEO ranking.

Having a Facebook Group isn’t for everyone. It’s more of an internal channel to help you build an exclusive community. Definitely, it can be useful when used correctly but if your aim so to run ads, gather data, and make it easy for people to find you on Facebook, creating a Page is the right move for you to take.

Facebook Page VS Facebook Group 

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